Welcome to the Generex Oral-lyn™ Treatment IND (Investigational New Drug) reference site.

This site is intended to provide reference information to individuals and Healthcare Professionals who are involved with the use of Generex Oral-lyn™ or wish to be involved under the Treatment IND. Generex Oral-lyn™ oral insulin spray is currently approved for commercial sale in several countries. In the United States, Generex Oral-lyn™ is an investigational drug which means that it is not approved for commercial use and is only available to qualified individuals through doctors or nurse practitioners (Healthcare Professionals) registered in the Treatment IND.

If you are a Healthcare Professional there is information here on how to register in the Treatment IND for Generex Oral-lyn™.

If you are an individual who wishes to obtain further information on the Treatment IND, please visit this site, as well as the FAQs on this site. If you are interested in seeking access to Generex Oral-lyn™, talk with your Healthcare Professional to see if it might be a reasonable option for you. You may want to refer your Healthcare Professional to this site for additional information on how to obtain Generex Oral-lyn™ for you through the Treatment IND.


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